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Closed Circuit Television
CASOFTCO provides both Analog and Digital storage solutions, multiplexers, as well as network-based remote video surveillance.
The camera sensor converts the visible scene formed by the lens into an electrical signal suitable for transmission to the remote device.
Standard and High resolution cameras are provided for B&W and Color view, with built-in infrared sensitivity. Mounted on walls or ceilings.
Time Lapse VCR
Records up to 40 days on a single standard tape.
Also features time and date stamp, frame by frame analysis mode, and automatic recording.
Designed for use in multiple-camera monitoring and recording systems, the unit allow from 4 to 16 video channels to be displayed at once.
Adittional features include high picture quality, built-in video motion detection, and built-in RS-232C and RS-485 for computer control.
Digital Surveillance Package
Built into a custom designed Intel Pentium 4 PC, allowing to simultaneously monitor and record up to 16 cameras, this is the most powerfull Video Surveillance Solution.
Receive Real-Time streaming video of some, all, or just one of the cameras over the internet or with direct connection. Automatically receive alerts and video footage when motion is detected.
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